Promon 502

The PROMON Streaning is a package allowing customers to set up a high speed image recording system on their existing stationary, but also portable computers. The system records directly to the PCs hard disk up to several hours (longer recording times can be achievd by reducing the image resolution and/or frame rate). The ideal camera system to temporarily or permanently monitor industrial processes for troubleshooting, setup- and fine tuning applications. The package inlcudes one of three PROMON camera modules, our AOS PROMON Studio software plus accessories.

If the PROMON Streaming package is chosen with the PROMON 500 camera module, a stunning 500fps@640x480 is achievable - over a standard GigE data interface! Stream 500fps (at 640x480) for minutes and hours directly to your PCs hard disk drive.


Ideal for permanent industrial troubleshooting, setup and fine tuning applications

To be installed on customers existing PC (preferably Desktop-models)

Ultra-long recording times, depends on PCs hard disk capacity

Up to 4 camera modules can be connected to one PC

3 camera modules to choose from:
PROMON 300 mono (1...300fps@VGA, 600fps@320x240, 1000fps@160x120)
PROMON 300 color (1...300fps@VGA, 600fps@320x240, 1000fps@160x120)
PROMON 500 mono (1... 100fps@1280x1024, 500fps@VGA, 2000fps@544x120)