Promon Scope G2

PROMON SCOPE is a compact, ready-to-use high speed image streaming system. Its built-in high capacity solid state disk system records sequences for 40 minutes at 300fps. The ideal camera system to temporarily monitor industrial processes for troubleshooting, setup- and fine tuning applications. The control unit is a compact and rugged device with a built-in touchscreen display. The complete system with its major functions is controlled directly via the touchscreen display with 'gestures'- similar to portable media players. Includes one PROMON camera module (monochrome).


Ideal for temporary industrial troubleshooting, setup and fine tuning applications

The machine engineers 'oscilloscope'

Touchscreen operation, similar to a portable music player

Typical recording capacity is 40 minutes with 250 fps and 640 x 480 image resolution resp. 300fps and 600 x 400 pixels

*** NEW ***: PROMON SCOPE 500 with a Megapixel camera for applications where image resolution is critical: surface- and texture recognition etc.

Frame rate extension to 600 resp. 1000 fps
NEW: PROMON SCOPE color for applications where color matters
NEW: PROMON SCOPE 500 with up to 1.3 Mpixel image resolution and 2000fps max. frame rate
2nd Input channel (A/D values or as Event Marker)