S-Motion Cameras

S-MOTION is a compact, portable high speed camera for applications in the lab, industrial research and biomedical analysis. With its high light sensitive pixel array the camera provides in-depth results of fast mechanical events unseen before. The easy to use software is the interface for setting up the scene and parametrizing the camera. For a recording, the PC can be disconnected. After the recording is taken a play back of the sequence directly out of the camera provides results on the spot. The Imaging Studio Software also features downloading / conversion of data to PC non-volatile memory. Last but not least an easy to use point and click measurements in the software is a practical tool for fast measurements just after the recordings.


1280 x 1024 up to 500fps / up to 50'000 with reduced resolution

Free adjustment of region of interest (ROI)

Typical ROI settings are

900 x 700 pixel up to 1000fps

800 x 600 pixel up to 1250 fps

512 x 512 pixel up to 4000 fps

256 x 256 pixel up to 6'500fps

128 x 128 pixel up to 16'000 fps

Excellent light sensitivity in color or mono

Re-chargeable battery

Gigabit Ethernet interface