MiDAS software is the worldwide standard for controlling, synchronising, and automating digital high-speed and industrial video cameras. With thousands of installations worldwide, MiDAS software is used by researchers, production line engineers, scientists, doctors, and military range operators to convert their video cameras into easy-to-use motion capture systems.

MiDAS is the premier software for event-capture camera control, synchronisation with data sources, and automated industrial monitoring. Through its comprehensive interface, MiDAS enables you to control every aspect of acquisition and playback, from triggering to saving.

MiDAS OS and MiDAS DA build on the legacy of previous MiDAS versions -- the highest accuracy, real-time synchronisation of high-speed video and data acquisition. Using our proprietary Waveform per Frame™ technology, MiDAS is unsurpassed in accuracy and reliability.

MiDAS DA is a brand new idea for high speed camera software. It allows data capture from multiple sources and synchronises with ANY high speed camera, providing the camera has an external sync input (which the vast majority have). So, for the first time ever, MiDAS does not restrict the use of cameras, so you can take advantage of the advanced features of MiDAS without the need to purchase a particular camera

MiDAS OS includes advanced triggering modes, automation modes, synchronised video/data collection (MiDAS OS/DA), large file management tools, and more.

And MiDAS OS is now more affordable. Advanced features such as distance and velocity measurement callipers, manual feature tracking, and video triggering are now included in our standard package.

Just add your own cameras, and you have a complete, state-of-the art motion capture system.