Automated Sports Analysis Technology

StrikeForce technology allows broadcast network producers and sports equipment manufacturers to provide quantitative measurements of athletic movements such as ball speed, club speed, launch angle, bat speed and more. In mere seconds, StrikeForce technology can automatically (without human intervention) extract the motion, then compute and upload the desired numbers.

Seconds after a shot or a hit, StrikeForce technologies can produce quantitative values that are either displayed on a screen (as in broadcast applications) or exported to a file (as in laboratory test applications). StrikeForceapplications are customized collections of proprietary and portable Xcitex technologies currently employed in MiDAS and ProAnalyst. StrikeForce is customized to an application or a sport, then set into automatic mode. Turn it on and let it run.

StrikeForce also enables broadcast producers to overlay creative data display graphics onto video images, allowing producers to demonstrate swing planes, club paths, racquet paths, bat locations and more. Our unique technology can prepare these graphics in seconds after receiving a director cue.

Shown above are swing planes similar to those broadcast at the PGA Tour Championship, numerical values as shown on CBS weekly coverage using SwingVision cameras supplied by Tech Imaging Services, and the numerical analysis shown at the ESPN Long Drive contest in December 2005.

StrikeForce technology is also used by engineers and researchers to analyse equipment and athlete performance