StrikeForce technology allows broadcast network producers and sports equipment manufacturers to provide quantitative measurements of athletic movements such as ball speed, club speed, launch angle, bat speed and more. In mere seconds, StrikeForce technology can automatically (without human intervention) extract the motion, then compute and upload the desired numbers.

You've heard of image or video analysis. Welcome to the revolution - integrated motion analysis. ProAnalyst is a full-featured auto-tracking software and a full-featured motion analysis software package; now with 3D. On your video, our new feature tracking algorithms are the most accurate that we have tested. Auto-track in 1-D (along lines) or in 2-D (patterns). On your synchronised data, perform FFT, filtering and more analyses. Then, using the graphing panel, overlay image motion onto sensor data.

MiDAS software is the worldwide standard for controlling, synchronising, and automating digital high-speed and industrial video cameras. With thousands of installations worldwide, MiDAS software is used by researchers, production line engineers, scientists, doctors, and military range operators to convert their video cameras into easy-to-use motion capture systems.